Article numbers or IDs

Adding other identifiers

Journal articles and other scholarly works often have an ID such as an article number, eLocator, or e-location ID instead of a page number. In these cases, do not use the <first_page> tag to capture the ID - instead, use the <item_number> tag with the item_number_type attribute value set to article_number.

Example article number or ID

<publication_date media_type="online">
   <item_number item_number_type="article_number">3D9324F1-16B1-11D7- 8645000102C</item_number>

Internal and other identifiers

You can include identifiers that are not explicitly defined in our deposit schema section within the optional <publisher_item> section. <publisher_item> is also used to capture article or e-location IDs. This option should only be used for identifiers that identify the item being registered. Use relationships to capture identifiers for related items.

Examples of identifier types include:

  • PII
  • SICI
  • DOI
  • DAI
  • Z39.23
  • ISO-std-ref
  • std-designation
  • report-number
  • other

Example of an identifier

   <identifier id_type="**pii**">s00022098195001808</identifier>

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