Josh Brown

Josh works with funders around the world to encourage the use of DOIs for grants, to make it easier to reuse information about funding, and to bring them into the Crossref community. Before joining Crossref, Josh worked at ORCID as Director of Partnerships (amongst other things) and at CERN, Jisc and University College London. He is a qualified librarian and trained chef, and has worked around the world on projects related to persistent identifiers, research information management, open science, repositories, open access publishing, research evaluation, scholarly communications, research infrastructure and trying to make things work a bit better.

Funders and infrastructure: let’s get building

Human intelligence and curiosity are the lifeblood of the scholarly world, but not many people can afford to pursue research out of their own pocket. We all have bills to pay. Also, compute time, buildings, lab equipment, administration, and giant underground thingumatrons do not come cheap. In 2017, according to statistics from UNESCO, $1.7 trillion dollars were invested globally in Research and Development. A lot of this money comes from the public - 22c in every dollar spent on R&D in the USA comes from government funds, for example.